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Kent is a county in southeast England where they live more than 1.5 million people. Its capital is the main Meintston while the city is Canterbury, which is the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The land border with Kent, East Sussex, in Surrey, and Greater London. In parallel, separated by the mouth of the Thames to Essex.

Between the capital and mainland Europe, Kent is a primary road, and found targeted multiple conflicts like the Battle of Britain during the Second World War. For 8 centuries, the ports of the region used to provide naval forces during the war.

Kent is known as the Garden of England because of the rural influence. The cement, paper and aircraft have taken important positions in north Kent, but now in a downturn. Instead, tourism and services have blossomed in recent years in the region.

Conquered by the Jutes during the fifth century, the first residents of Kent called the medieval period and were Kentvara capital city of Canterbury. Pope Gregory I appointed Augustine (597) first archbishop of Canterbury who converted the pagan king of Kent Ethelmpercht to Christianity. The Archbishop of Canterbury became the first British archdiocese and center of Christianity in England. Resisted at the time of the conquest of England by the Norman Duke William the Conqueror and throughout the medieval period was a center of insurgency, as the revolution of Wat Tyler (1381), Jack Kant (1450) and Watt (1554) against queen Mary the first.MAP OF KENT